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Bringing their audiences through a mixture of strong emotions ...

The Fifty Four Plates

A brief history ...

The Fifty Four Plates formed in 2012, are an energetic 6 piece collective drawing on rock, folk and country roots. Think a rocked up modern Crosby Stills and Nash, taking influence from The Who, and Pearl Jam.

The Fifty Four Plates play a highly emotive and eclectic live set, bringing their audiences through a mixture of strong emotions, from deep thought provoking lyrics, and melodies to ecstatic jumping frenzies of chaos.

Who we are ...

The band consists of: Nolan Abbott - lead vocal, Nathan Abbott - guitar + vocal, Levent - lead guitar + vocal, Seb - bass, Taylor Higgs - keys + vocal, Jamie Lee - drums

Quote from Bernie Friend, Daily Mirror

'With more raw energy than an angry volcano, The Fifty Four Plates have burst on to the live scene as the hottest band to see in 2013'

Forthcoming events

Highly touted amongst industry insiders as the next big rock band to break through for 2015. You can expect to see them at some major gigs and festivals in the summer of 2015.

Fifty Four Plates Gigs

Currently in the studio writing and recording new material, back on the LIVE scene very soon.

An explosion of guitar and rocky melody fabness.
Kelley Buckley - Journalist

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Photos, Videos & more ...

Nolan Abbott

Nolan Abbott, Lead Vocals

Nathan Abbott, Acoustic & Vocals

Nathan Abbott, Acoustic & Vocals

Taylor Higgs, Keys + Vocals

Taylor Higgs, Keys + Vocals

Rescue Me, Official Video

Fifty Four Plates, Promo Video

This is promo video was made only one day before it was needed in New York by Dan Keeble. Last minute interview shots were filmed in a bar in Leigh with the help of Mark McCarthy, along with footage from their shows at Village Green 2013 and 100 Club, as well as other clips too.

Rescue Me, Official Video

Rescue Me, Official Video

This is the official video of the Fifty Four Plates amazing 'Rescue Me', which was released on iTunes in 2013. The video includes a cameo appearance from Hollywood actor Tamer Hassan, the star of films including Bonded By Blood, The Business, Kick Ass and many more.

The Fifty Four Plates at Glastonbudget

The Fifty Four Plates at Glastonbudget

The Fifty Four Plates performing 'Hell' at the Glastonbudget Festival.

The best I have ever had here.
Zachery Stevens - Bar Solo, Camden

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